The Casa de Ninos,  or House of the Children     

Please visit the Casa on the web to see the kids and learn more about the vision
and some of the available opportunities to serve, but for now a little about the
Casa’s history.

The following paragraph is borrowed from their History page.

"While ministering in the prison in Tepic in 1968, the late Dr. Frank Gonzales
saw several little boys among the inmates.  Upon questioning the warden, he
was told that the boys were homeless street children.  Since there was no
children's home in the entire state of Nayarit, they had no choice but to put
the boys in with the adult prisoners.  Right there the Lord placed the burden
on Frank's heart to open a home for orphaned and abandoned children.   In
1970 because of God's faithfulness and many caring people, ground was
broken for the Casa de Niños. Frank traveled throughout the U.S., Canada
and Mexico with his singing group, spreading the "good news" of the gospel
of Jesus Christ and raising support for the orphanage.  On April 6, 1994,
Frank was called to his eternal reward, but the vision God gave him for the
children lives on at
Casa de Niños Frank Gonzales."

There are certainly many very worthy ministries meeting a number of very
important needs in this world and I am truly thankful for each and every one of
them.  If you have read this far then I am pretty sure you are too. Having said that I
must say that personally I can think of few things having greater importance than
giving kids a chance who otherwise would not have one.  This is what happens at
the Casa every day.  Orphaned, abandoned, and abused kids are given a chance.
A chance to be fed and sheltered, a chance to be educated, a chance to be held,
comforted and loved by giving and unselfish individuals who genuinely care.  Most
importantly these kids are given a chance to learn about a loving Lord and savior
who desires and is able to heal those things that are broken.

Jesus said  
“Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of
such is the kingdom of God"
.   I see this happening in a very real and tangible
way at the Casa and if you hang around long enough you  will too.