“Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day,
teach him how to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime"

Would you like to be a part of building Fishin Mission
Adventures for the future of the Casa de Ninos?

If you would like to take part in a "Construction Mission" to help us
build the Lodge and Caretaker Cabin we would be honored to
have your partnership.  These are the last two major projects needed to
transform the Fishin Mission Camp into the Fishin Mission Lodge.
The completion of these two buildings will greatly advance the mission to
better provide for the orphaned, abandoned, and abused children of the Casa
de Ninos.   Whether you are an avid Bass Fisherman or just have a big heart
and would like to help we would appreciate your partnership.

Now we can't think of a single reason why a mission to help orphaned children
ought not to be fun as well as fulfilling. The way we see it, if anyone has a big
enough heart to want to join us in our efforts to help these kids, the least we
could do is to fill their free time with as much Fellowship, Good Food and Great
Fishin as possible!

So, if you would like to take part in a week long "Construction
Mission" that includes the same great food and accommodations included in
our regular camping package and also gets you out for a few hours of great  
fishing each day let us know.  We can also include time at the Casa for the
ever needed maintenance projects or perhaps sponsoring a “day at the beach”
for the Casa kids and staff.  These times don’t happen very often.  They are
very special and greatly appreciated.

Currently we are able to comfortably accommodate small groups of  
six construction  mission campers at the lake Palapa.  We are asking for a
donation of $475 per person to cover your meals, ground transpiration, lodging
and miscellaneous expenses for a week long mission.   If you would like to
organize a small construction mission team from your church or men’s ministry
to help the children of the Casa de Niños, please contact us for more

Fishin Mission Adventures Construction Missions have proved to be both fun
filled and challenging, always rewarding, and at times, life changing
experiences.  If you believe this is a way that the Lord would have you to
Advance His Kingdom Purposes at this time, and if you would like to be a real
and vital part in caring for the least among us then let us know.  We look
forward to hearing from you!

For more information please
call Dave at
 (866) 707-7922  or email us at

Perhaps you are not a fishermen or able to help with building but
God has blessed you financially.  Please consider supporting this work to build
a business and a place to care for the orphaned, abandoned, and abused
children of the Casa de Niños.
We have been saving for a small good running 4-wheel drive
tractor, (about 20 HP)  with a hoe and bucket.   This would be used
for the current  construction  work as well as the ongoing property
maintenance needs.   If you have or know of one that could be
acquired at a very good price please let us know.
Tim& Diane  helping  frame     
the Solar shed in 2011
2012 - Stan, Joyce, Mike, & Melissa
from Suburban Church in Oregon
put on roof & solar panels and
framed up the slab & retaining wall
Matt, Luke, Dave, Jonas, Tracy, (and
Andy-taking picture) visiting Casa de
Ninos to see what it's all about!
All that's left to complete the
Solar Shed are the walls!
Six guys from our home Church in
Oregon-Living Faith Community Church-
came down for a few days in 2013 to pour
the Solar slab and Caretaker cabin
Cabin ridge wall ready for roof!
Underground plumbing on Lodge site
Click on links below to view Cabin and
Lodge floor plans and North elevations
Jan 2015 team of 4 came to pour Cabin slab-our friend
Phil joined us for several months to help
January Team pouring Cabin slab-Kevin, Bill, and Aaron
Phil helping finish Cabin wall headers for roof