Once again thanks for a great trip.  That's a quality operation you have going
and I wish you luck in continuing to build it up.  Here's the report I filed on

-Dan Smith  (3/14-16/2010)

A note to let you know that my Dad and I had a GREAT time at Aqua Milpa
with you and your superb staff, both Bill and Ramone!
Fishing, Food and Fellowship was delightful.
-Steve Ussery (Feb 26/2010)

Hi Dave, Just wanted to let you know that we both had a great time and really
appreciated your hospitality.  Pat and I both enjoyed the warm sunshine and
great fishing....and great food and fellowship.  The service that you are
providing at Lake Aguamilpa is a real fishing opportunity, and I know as soon
as everyone catches on to it, you will have your hands full.   -
Corey Thomas

"Lake Aguamilpa, a trophy bass lake, is a new one still under the radar. You
average 100-plus fish a day there. The fishing is absolutely amazing and you
can catch them any way you want to."
David-Thanks for this amazing week at Aguamilpa!  -
Fred Roumbanis
                              (Bassmaster Elite Series pro)

Everyone loved you guys, your place on the lake, your boats and staying
right at the lake with Mario and his staff! You all took such good care of us...
every one agreed!   -
James Hoffmon, True Bass producer

I had the pleasure of spending four days at the Fishin' Mission Adventures
camp on Lake Aguamilpa. I can honestly say the camp was more like a hotel.
The food was great.  But nothing matched the big bass; either the size or the
numbers. The chances of me returning are somewhere between 100% and
110%. Thank you for a great time!
-Phil Goodenough  Bend, OR

."Hey Dave......Fishin' Mission is the greatest!!!  You must have had a divine
revelation......The peace and tranquility of the lodge beat any five star hotel
all to pieces...awesome...and the fishing...does every lake let an amateur like
me catch a fish almost every cast ...how do you keep all those fish in one
spot, so they are easy to catch??
And the most important thing...los ninos...all of the beauty of the lodge and
lake, and the fantastic fishing, AND............ the ninos get to eat today,  go to
school, and have a safe, warm bed tonight.  You and Barbara keep up your
fantastic work"
- Len Schell, Puerto Vallarta
Check out this article by Bill Bell
columnist for a Canadian
Newspaper, the North Shore
Mexico's Agua Milpa: Bassin 'til
your arms hurt
Chester Moore, Jr.
Check out Pro angler Fred
Roumbanis's article on his visit to