With all the hype about the great fishing in these Mexican lakes-
Baccarac, El Salto, Huites, and Mateos- you would probably
appreciate a little straight talk...

Well here it is.  While double digit Bass are certainly available with
the Lake record well over 12lbs, Aguamilpa is best known for it’s
exceptional numbers of quality Bass, generally in the 2 to 6 pound
range.  While you have several options for great Mexican bass
fisheries, if you are looking for a lake that can provide hours of non-
stop quality Bass Catching Action,  Aguamilpa is where you want to
be.  Not every day is a record breaker, but 150 Bass per boat days
are at times the norm, and during the post spawn months of April
through June, 300 Bass per boat days have been recorded on a
number of occasions.  I can’t promise you a 300 fish day, but I can
promise you that this lake is well established with quality bass, and it
is without a doubt the most consistent fishery many anglers have
ever experienced.    

If you are familiar with Mexican Bass fishing you are probably
familiar with the late “Wild Bill Skinner”.   Many consider  Bill to be
Mexico’s most legendary bass fishing pioneer, sportsman and
booking agent.   I am told that he claimed to have caught more 10lb+
Mexican Bass than anyone alive.   Bill once wrote that the large area
running about 30 miles north of Aguamilpa’s dam is “one of the best
post-spawn bass fishing areas on earth”.   Though I haven’t fished
them all, I have had the opportunity to fish some very fine bass
waters from California’s Clear Lake to the Amazon.  All things
considered I believe that  Aguamilpa is the finest all around bass
fishery that I have ever experienced.  I must admit that I am partial to
this lake. I love this part of the country, the weather and especially
the people, and I believe that you will too.

If you would like to read more about what “can happen” at Milpa,
then you may find the following article by Chester Moore Jr. entitled
“Bassin 'til your arms hurt”  interesting.
The Seasons
Listed below are some suggested lures that have proven most effective during the different
seasons. Though it is available to catch Quality Milpa Bass in a variety of ways throughout the
year, the following lures have worked particularly well during the seasons indicated.  Contact us
shortly before your adventure to get recent updates on what has been working best.

October & early November:

Although soft plastics are effective throughout the year they will likely be your go to baits in the
fall.  Large worms, especially larger Senco type baits will top the list but 10” power worms and
large lizard baits are very effective as well.   Watermelon, Pumpkin, Black & Blue, Red Shad,
Tequila Sunrise and at time Chartreuse are all very good colors for this lake.  Texas rigging with
3/0 to 4/0 hooks and ¼  to  ½ oz. bullet weights will be most effective.  Quality Milpa bass have
been taken on just about every soft plastic critter imaginable so if you have a confidence bait
that we do not mention don’t be afraid to bring it.   I have even taken a fair number of bass on
jigs and tubes though crayfish are not present in the lake.

Mid - November through January:

Spinner and crank baits excel during this time.   White, chartreuse, shad, and combinations of
the three are the spinner bait colors of choice.   ½ & ¾ oz. will serve you well with Indiana or a
combination of willow and Colorado blades.   We would suggest that you bring plenty of them
though as you will likely be fishing a good deal of submerged wood.  The Rapala DT series
crankbaits in DT6 and DT10 are becoming a lake favorite this time of year.  Shad, Fire Tiger, and
Baby Bass are effective colors, but at times baits with some orange on their bellies are a must.
The top water bite begins to heat up during this season as well.

February through April:

Now if you really love top water fishing this may be the best season to schedule your
adventure.  There is little cloud cover this time of year so as you would expect early mornings
are the prime time for the top water bite.  You can bring a few 3/8  & ½ oz  white or white and
chartreuse buzz baits, but Poppers and Chuggers with white, silver, and gold bellies will work
best on the calm mornings.  The Zara Spook and Torpedo style baits are very effective as well.

Rods & Line

Medium-heavy to heavy action bait cast rods spooled with 12 to 20 pound test will serve you
well.  Though I'm sure you'll want to bring them all two to four rods  will  serve you well during
most any season on Aguamilpa.